Welcome Lifelines iEEG

Welcome Lifelines iEEG

Nov 2018: It’s time to welcome our newest supplier.  Lifelines iEEG.

Lifelines is a UK based hardware company working in collaboration with an Icelandic software house to produce some truely innovative products and concepts.

Lifelines iEEG is the world’s first dedicated cloud solution for EEG examinations. It facilitates expert collaboration and consultation across the world.

It truly is the Next Generation EEG!

Have a look at the video in this post to understand more about this innovative cooperation.

Dinner at a Favorite Restaurant in Berrima, “Feast”, From left; Cath Gresham, Tim Gresham, Belinda Snowden, David Spencer, Sjofn Kjartansdottir (Iceland), Sandra Lewis

Sight seeing at Bondi Beach, NSW.  From left; David Spencer (UK), Sjofn Kjartansdóttir (Iceland)

Sight seeing at Fitzroy Falls, Southern Highlands NSW.  From left; Tim Gresham, David Spencer (UK), Sjofn Kjartansdóttir (Iceland)

Home cooked dinner to welcome our English Guests; From left- Laura de Amorin, Ieesha Sparks, Steve Walters, (UK), Tim Gresham, Jay Gresham (waiter), Sandra Lewis, David Spencer (UK)

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