Nox Cleaning Kit Endozime Satchels x 2

ENDOZIME AW TRIPLE PLUS is a unique formulation of protease, amylase, lipase, carbohydrase and proprietary enzymes with A.P.A. (Advanced Proteolytic Action) which removes all bio-burden and inhibits rust. A.P.A. is the latest enzymatic breakthrough developed by Ruhof Healthcare that greatly increases protein enzyme activity to provide a faster more thorough penetration into hard-to-reach places on surgical instruments and scopes.

Endozime AW Triple Plus with A.P.A.

  • To clean Nox devices use a lint free towel or gauze with a pump of solution.
  • Wipe over device & cables. No Need to rinse.
  • MUST be mixed before using – 4ml of Endozime with 1 litre of water

Material Safety Data Sheet: