Our Company

Experience makes all the difference!

Temple Healthcare exists because most of the great medical innovations come from medical teams, nurses, doctors and engineers that have, at some stage thought: “I know a better way to do this”.

These ideas, along with some seed capital, become small companies that produce ground breaking medical technologies, which are first marketed in their home country, then in their own region, and then to the EU and the USA. It can then take as much as ten years before these innovations are actively promoted in Australia and New Zealand.

Temple Healthcare cuts this process short. With our network of international contacts in companies (manufacturers and distributors) all over the world we seek out new innovations in Critical Care, Respiratory Care, Sleep Medicine, Anaesthesiology and Emergency Medicine and bring them to the Australian and New Zealand market years earlier.

Our company is based in Mittagong, New South Wales and will soon move into a purpose built distribution centre in Braemar on the Hume Highway, south west of Sydney.

Our Mission

To significantly improve patient outcomes by nurturing partnerships with high value healthcare providers, and to facilitate sustainable, profitable technology transfer between manufacturers and our customers. We want to be the best in our chosen fields for both customer service and product quality whilst at the same time providing a vibrant and secure working environment for our staff.

Our Values

To exceed our customer’s expectations with:

An almost obsessive desire for the highest standards of service

Excellent communication

Positive, open and ongoing relationships

Reliability and timeliness

To act with passion, enthusiasm and integrity, by:

Enjoying what we do

Being professional

Creating a fun environment

To collaborate for better health outcomes, by:

Seeking partnerships with innovative suppliers

Promoting teamwork between suppliers, ourselves, healthcare providers and healthcare consumers

To pursue continuous improvement, by:

Seeking and recognising evidential best practice

Pursuing evaluation and feedback from all of our stake holders

Our Team

Tim Gresham BSc, MBA – Managing Director

Tim comes from an educational background in Technical Life Sciences and Business Management. He spent eight years with Abbot Laboratories in their Australian operation and has worked in sales, marketing and senior management roles in various countries.

Tim’s background spans a wide variety of healthcare applications from Neurological and Pulmonary Diagnostics to Haemodynamics, HIV medicine and Hepatitis Diagnostics.

Tim has worked in international Business Management roles covering the Asia Pacific, Canada and Latin America. He was the founder and managing partner in Ascencia Pty Ltd, a successful company importing respiratory diagnostics devices and distributing them nationally. Tim holds a BSc from the ANU and an MBA from Trinity College, Dublin.

2016-02-21 00.58.00Ieesha Sparks BBiomedSc, GradCertBA – National Sales Manager

Ieesha has a Biomedical Science background and comes to Temple Healthcare with extensive clinical experience in sleep and respiratory medicine.

During her university studies Ieesha accepted an internship with Siemens Medical as an Assistant Project Manager. Projects involved coordinating the installation of various medical modalities including MRI, CT, Mammography and Ultrasound into hospitals, research institutes and private clinics.

Ieesha launched her professional career as a sleep scientist at Austin Health in Heidelberg Victoria, acquiring 7 years in sleep diagnostics and CPAP/NIPPV therapy. During this time Ieesha also trained as a respiratory scientist in lung function testing and later managed a private laboratory.

Ieesha has extensive knowledge and experience in areas of patient monitoring/diagnostics (EEG,EOG,EMG,ECG), sleep study analysis, CPAP, NIPPV, patient interface (CPAP masks), sleep disordered breathing, OSA treatment options and lung function testing.

Kylie Bradman – Administration Accounts and Operations Manger

Kylie has a rich background in as a Business Ownership, Financial Control, and Practice Management in  General Practice Medicine.

Kylie has extensive knowledge and experience on the day to day running of a small business with a focus on financial management. Kylie has a sound understanding of various accounting software packages and is also very familiar managing a warehouse environment.

Kristian Laureano BN Cert I&II IT – National Technical Service Coordinator

Kristian is a trained nurse with a clinical background in Aged Care and he also has a a comprehensive IT education and a wealth of technical experience.

Kristian is a verterin of customer service and problem solving in the Healthcare and IT insudtry.  He has I.T Network Engineering, Cisco CCNA and CompTIA certifications and has worked for various companies like Dell, ING, Handheld as a service technician and service manager. He has also been involved with healthcare applications of information technology, including building racks, commissioning servers, cloud services  and various desktop application support.

Kristian has a range of interests which include nature photography,  sky diving, flying and motorsports.  He is an excellent fit for Temple Healthcare because of his passion for helping people and solving problems, but also because he is a family man who is devoted to his two daughters.

Grace Zylstra BBiomedSc – Product Specialist Neurophysiology (Part Time)

Grace comes to Temple Healthcare with a Biomedical Science background in clinical physiology, having had extensive clinical experience as a senior neurophysiology scientist.

Grace has worked at the Princess Alexandra Hospital Level 3 EEG Department and has had over 4 years’ experience working as a senior scientist in Mater Hospital Brisbane’s Level 4 Epilepsy Surgery Unit.

Grace has extensive knowledge in the technical application and patient monitoring of the electroencephalogram for routine and ICU monitoring, long-term video monitoring and surgical evaluation Stereotactic-EEG monitoring. Further expertise spans into the areas of EMG, ECoG, WADA, Spect, Thermocoagulation, CCEPs and Cortical Stimulation.